There are times when you may be mulling over a challenge within your mind over and over again. Do you know that when you take a problem, roll it around in your mind, keep freaking out and focusing on the problem, the problem will stay.  It is when you look at the problem, learn and understand what you can from it, know that the same mind that created the problem is the same mind that creates the solution, and then releasing it to the Universe to be healed, the problem turns into an opportunity and things get better.

When you are able to release the problem you have created more room ‘within’ to let the Universe get to work on healing that problem. When you continually focus on it, you are telling the Universe that you don’t trust that it will be taken care of and then…that is exactly what the Universe sends back to you. You are the one who has control of where your life heads through your thoughts, reactions, and feelings.