beth mccain 33431

Many expound how they accept another yet still judge on a daily basis. When you look at someone and their clothes and you decide that you don’t like what they are wearing, and you think how ‘wrong’ it then you have just made a judgment about someone else and their choices. How many times have you looked at someone’s  decisions and thought about how wrong they are in what they are doing? That too, is judging another. You see, each of us live life in a different way.  There isn’t a ‘normal’ way to live.  Everyone believes what they are doing is ‘just right.’  We don’t all have to agree but how about we accept each other and move on from the thought of what is right and wrong about each other?  Let others be and live your life. You can never do any right or wrong as long as you never harm another physically OR mentally with intention.

Every day people make judgments about other people.  But really, when you judge someone,  you are not defining who THEY are but defining who YOU are.