Everyone has been disappointed at one time and everyone has made mistakes but know that mistakes are not who you are. Mistakes are lessons that we learn through out our lives. They help us to reach further, understand more, and get beyond a certain place in our life. The true you is perfect. Every disappoint, every mistake, every failure is a part of being human. THAT is how we learn.  It is necessary so that our spirit will reach a higher vibration in this life experience.

Mistakes are how we learn. No one has not made some kind of  mistake. It is a part of living in this physical world. It is how we, as spiritual beings, experience through a physical body. We came here to experience and that is exactly what we do through our daily life experiences. How about we not look at it as a mistake? How about we look at it as another tool to help point us in the direction we are envisioning.  Sometimes ‘the mistake’ can actually be the answer in some way.