You may be asking for something in your life to be resolved but sometimes the focus of wanting resolve and replaying the experience over and over again creates ‘a focused hold’ on the problem. You must release the problem before it is solved. Ask, envision that the solution has come and then let it go.  Let the Universe do what it does best. Stop hanging onto the thought of the problem and focus on the solution instead. If you can’t find one just know there is one.

Release it to the Universe and let it come back to you healed. It will come back to you ‘even better than you could have imagined. Focus beyond the problem and know there is a solution. Let the solution unfold the best way the Universe sees fit. Remember…you only can see a small part of what is going on in the ‘bigger picture.’ The Universe, on the other hand, sees the whole of the ‘bigger picture.’ Your job is to focus in positive frame of mind and trust that what you are going through at the moment is a part of the success of the ‘bigger picture’ for your life. Stay strong, keep your mind on the positive, and just let it all unfold.