Know that what you have asked for through positive thought is being answered. You  noticed I said ‘through positive thought.’ When we ask with desperation and fear then that is what we will attract into life but if we ask with hope, trust, and knowing then THAT is what we will attract into our life. It may come in a whole other way than you expected. Do your best not limit the Universe by expecting just one way to what you ask about. Leave it up to the Universe. Have faith as the Universe puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for you. Be aware of any of those pieces that you are to work on as well. Do your best not to work against the Universe through doubt, frustration, impatience, and worry. Work with the Universe through envisioning, focusing, and positive thought.

Trust that it is being taken care of in the best way possible for your well being.  Happy sigh…now you can relax and just enjoy the journey while everything else falls into place. But remember…this doesn’t mean you do nothing to further it along. It just means to envision, trust, know, and be aware of unexpected opportunities. Take mental action now and physical action when it is time my friend.