Do your best not to waste your days focusing on what is not perfect in life. Life experiences can be responsible for our overall outlook on life. Many have experience after experience only to complain about how bad life is. And then there are other people who have experience after experience only to find all the good in life. There are people that are miserable because they have money and there are people who are enjoying their everyday life without a cent. Find what joy you can in your day and embrace those moments.  Make use of the time you are living this life experience.

Isn’t joy a lot better feeling than moping around? And here is the added benefit…when you think positive, are grateful for what you have, envision with trust and belief that what you envision will manifest, let it go so that the Universe can ‘match’ your desire through your focus on the trust and belief, know that every experience you have is a part of getting what you desire no matter what the experience may be (maybe you need that particular experience to fine tune your vibration OR let go of something current to make room for your desire), and keep a positive frame of mind all through the day…life will change for the better and get better and better and better and… 

I think you get the picture. 😉