Find the root of what you are feeling and work from within to change the vibration. For example: When someone wants to be more successful than another that is because they want to dominate over another. They want to control.  Wanting to control over another is actually a vibration that comes from fear and the self feeling inferior in some way.  It is a fear of not feeling good enough and if they dominate over another they feel they will be good enough or better than another. The root of the feeling is fear and not feeling good enough and THAT is what you would work on from within to help guide you beyond those thoughts and feelings.

Take a moment today to see if you feel agitated or resistance in some way about a certain kind of experience. Ask yourself what the deep down feeling could be. Explore within and go a little deeper to find the true feeling of resistance. When you find the root of it all you have a better chance of changing the vibration and moving on.