Whether it is mental action or physical action, all kinds of action is energy.  When you feel or think it is energy. When you desire something in your life it is energy.  Every thing and every one is energy. When energy is allowed to flow without any resistance then energy is infinite without any boundaries.  When we create a resistant vibration through fear, worry, frustration, or doubt we are giving the life energy limitations. We are creating limitations where there wasn’t any before. Ask yourself if you are letting the life energy flow or if you are stopping up the flow with any kind of negative vibrations. This is one of our life lessons as we go about life…to understand and know that ‘all is well’ no matter what is happening. Release any feelings or thoughts that may be stopping up the flow of life energy. Life will become smooth sailing.

Does this mean you will never have another problem again? Not at all but what it does mean is through those kinds of moments as you go with the flow and do the best you can with a positive mind and heart, you will get through it much quicker and easier than before.

How about it? How about creating your life experience without resistance? How about letting the life energy flow without any blocks in the flow? Life can be what you envision it to be when you let go of the need to fear and worry. Go with the flow my friend.