We all contribute to this wonderful world. No matter if you are an optimist or a pessimist we all create amazing experiences in the role we have taken on. The optimist invented the car and the pessimist invented the seat belt yet each bring a positive result. Both are amazing inventions that improve our lives.  And think about this…even though the pessimists may have been thinking about ‘what if people crash!, their thoughts are actually positive to help others Or maybe an optimist wanted it safer? Hmmm…just know that everyone serves a purpose in how they believe. Even the negative people in the world give the positive people  a chance to learn and grow using positive thought to get beyond the negative perceptions to make life even better.

Go about your day and look at what has been invented through the minds of optimists and pessimists. You will find that everything has its place in this world. Each creating a unique vibration that benefits all.