Do you know how to connect to the Universe?  The Universe being the one that attracts back to you what you are thinking and feeling.

The easiest way to connecting, one on one, with the Universe is through something you love.   When you are in ‘that zone’, the one where you are so happy about what you are doing, you are connecting straight to the very source that supplies your wants through the Law of Attraction. 

When I am listening to my favorite music and my heart feels like it is going to explode with joy, I am connecting one on one to the Universe.   When Lee takes a train ride and feels as if he could ride all day, he is connecting one on one to the Universe.

When you want to connect, do something you love.  Play with your kids, watch a movie, or go for a walk and connect, one on one, with the Universe.  This will put you in tune with your desires through your joyous feelings and connecting with the Universe.

Another great way to connect, is to spend time alone and meditate.  Going within and just ‘being’ will connect you with the Universe.  It’s important to give the Universe some ‘one on one’ time with a clear mind and a clear heart.  You will see results through your thoughts, actions, and feelings when you give meditation a try.  You’ll find solutions to problems easily by connecting to the Universe through your inner you.

Lee was so excited.  I bought him a shirt at a regular department store today.  We usually buy clothes for him at the Big and Tall stores and this was the first time since he was twenty years old that he could wear a shirt from a regular department store.  He was so happy.  I am very proud of him. 🙂