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Are you avoiding a problem that is in your life?  Or possibly are you running away from a problem? You see, when you run from a problem or are avoiding it then you are creating much more distance from the solution of that problem.

How about facing that problem?  How about looking for the problem from the place within you that is forever connected to this Universe?  For every problem there is always a solution. It might not show itself immediately but it will show itself. Face the fear and look at the problem from the true self within. If you can’t quite see the answer then just trust that there is an answer and it will unfold all in the right timing that is best for your life.

Trust and look beyond that problem. The problem is temporary my friend. You can get past it…


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Just take one little step toward what you want. Whether it is a mental step or a physical step. it won’t happen unless you take that first step. Maybe it is your own thoughts that may need working on in order to create a vibration that will match what you want. Or maybe it is going out and looking for opportunities that will help your dreams along.

Whatever it may be…just take a step. One little step and then another and another and before you know it will have taken many steps and achieve that goal.

But you just have to start…

time to release

There are times where worry can take over life. It can create a vibration of ‘what if’ in a negative way. Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer. So how do you keep from worrying? How can you let go of worry?

First you must ask yourself if you truly believe that the Universe is supporting, loving, caring for, and helping guide you. If you do then what is there to worry about when the big powerful Universe is taking care of it all? Your only job is to do the inner work to let go of worry and replace it with trust and positive vibrations. If you are worried about a particular outcome then let go and release the need to control how it happens and just know and trust that no matter what the outcome is that it is the best outcome for your life no matter how it comes about.

You truly do direct your life through your own thoughts and feelings. If you have a challenging experience then it is up to you where it leads. You can either worry and fear or create a trust and positive vibration. Whichever way you choose the Universe then takes it from there and answers you back in a similar bigger vibration. That is how it cares and loves you by giving back what you give out.

So what will you be sending out today?

Sometimes those challenging experiences are just the thing to get us to do the inner work to rise above the current vibration we are in and take us to that matching vibration of what we truly want to manifest.

Let go of the worry my friend and let the Universe do its job.

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If you’re feeling agitated in some way through frustration, worry, or anger; take a breather for just a moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and go within where you feel the agitation. See and feel it letting go slowly but surely.  Exhale out the last of the agitation.  Keep repeating the process if the agitation hasn’t quite gone. Once you have lessen that agitation then take another deep breath in and breath in the thought of positive energy. It feels light, calm, and like a breath of fresh air. Continue to deep breath in and out creating a positive steady flow of vibration.

You will find that if you take just a few moments to do this each time you are feeling agitated, then it will lessen the vibration of resistance.

beth mccain 6657

Do you believe that the Universe supports you?  Do you believe that, no matter what kind of experience you may be having, it is an experience to help you to inner grow so that you can reach a higher positive vibration that will match what you envision your life to be?  And do you believe that how you think, feel, and react in the experience will take you in a particular direction so if you think positive and focus on the good in all that is happening that life will unfold what you dream of in the best time for your life? Do you trust that the Universe will create the experience ‘as is or better’ than you want?

If you do then why do you worry or fear? Don’t you trust the Universe and its timing for your life? If everything is for the best for your life and you are creating vibrations that support that and let go of how it will happen trusting that the Universe will bring it in the best way possible, then what is there to worry about, right?  Why fear the future when the Universe is taking care of it through your vibration?

You see, if you fear or worry then you are creating more of the same but if you focus on the good in life, appreciate, let go of how it will all come to you and let go of resistant feeling vibrations, and trust the Universe, then fear and worry aren’t necessary, are they?

Trust my friend and let it all unfold…


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How many times have you told yourself you are going to think positive only to have an experience derail you and take you down a negative thought path?  And how many times have you thought, “how can I stay positive when so many negative things happen that put me in a negative state of mind?”

It takes inner work my friend but it is possible and completely doable. You see, in order for life to bring more positive feeling experiences to your life you have to do the inner work to create those present and future experiences and it begins with thinking positive no matter what.

You’re not ignoring what is in front of you or not dealing with the experience; you are letting go of the resistant feeling vibrations that come in the form of frustration, worry, and/or fear and replacing them with a positive thought vibration.  And that positive thought must come from a place within you that is calm and steady. You can let go of the negative and replace it with, “This experience is just apart of my own inner growth and how I handle it and react to it will create my next moment. There are solutions to every problem and this problem with solve in the time that it should. I’m going to trust that this experience is a part of helping me to move forward in my life. The Universe sees the bigger picture and I trust that this experience is taking me to a higher level of vibration for my life. All is well and all will be well.”

Each time you have a welling up of negativity, then you relax into the experience, let go of the negative, and replace it with in the moment appreciation while taking care of what needs to be taken care of. Get through it with a steady calm vibration and know that the experience is only temporary.

Create positive vibrations and appreciation in each moment that you can and let go of resistance whenever you can remember to. By doing the inner work you will find that life will become more positive.

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It can be easy to use others as an excuse as to why your dreams haven’t manifested. Maybe your boss makes you work too much with too little pay, maybe you now have children and can’t think about your dreams right now because you need to raise them right now, or maybe you feel your circumstances just won’t allow you to have what you truly want.

Guess what? No one or no thing is in the way of your dreams. No one is to blame for you not having the life you envision. You can have the life you dream of and be able to take care of the kids. You see, the only think stopping you is your own repetitive thought patterns. You couple that with how you feel then you are creating a direction of which way your life will go.

What do you think about each day? Do you think about the dreams you once had and how you’ll never be able to get there or maybe you will ‘someday?’ Or do you envision your dreams then live each moment in appreciation and positivity knowing that by creating a positive vibration you will be creating a solid direction toward the feeling you want your dreams to have? Do you let go of how those dreams are coming to you and leave it up to the Universe to take care of the how? And do you let go of the resistant feeling vibrations of negativity and create a more positive flow instead knowing that each positive vibration is taking you to a higher vibration that matches what you envision? Are you learning and inner growing through each experience that is taking you to where you want to be?

You see, it truly is all up to you. It is all your choice. Are you doing the inner work my friend?


Appreciating isn’t just about looking back at the end of a day and thinking about what made you feel good and positive. There is truly an art to appreciation my friend.

Think of all that you do in a day and how many times you appreciate life in general. I’m talking about the everyday ordinary things in life.  The things that happen again and again that we can take advantage of just because it is there.

Or what about those moments where life feels less than positive.  Have you ever thought of finding the appreciation in that moment as well? It can be found. It just takes a conscious focused thought and an opening of your heart and mind.

Each day be conscious of appreciation. Look at what you have in each moment that you appreciate; the beautiful rain, the smell of coffee, the impromptu smile from another, the trees blowing in the wind, the random act of kindness…the list goes on and on. What do you take for granted that you can appreciate in the day?  Think about that falling rain and what it does for your area?  You have greener trees and those trees provide oxygen to live. Isn’t that something to appreciate?

You see, even in the darkest of moments there is always something to appreciate. I find that if I am having one of those moments I let go of the negative feeling and thought and turn to what there is to appreciate in that moment instead. If it can’t be found then I know that it is there and I appreciate that it is there.

Appreciation can create more to appreciate. If you appreciate in a quick general manner then you are creating experiences that will come to your future that have quick general appreciation but if you truly appreciate from the heart and really take note within then you will be creating experiences that will have deeper heartfelt appreciation.

Appreciation vibrations can affect all areas of your life in the most amazing ways.

So what will you appreciate today?

beth 787

Just get it done.  You know what I am talking about.  Just get done what you keep putting off. You see, when you have something that you truly have been wanting to get done but you keep procrastinating, then you begin to build a resistant feeling vibration. You know the one; the agitated kind of frustrated feeling you get when you want to get something done but you keep putting it off.

The more you put it off the more you will be building a negative vibration for your life and that negative vibration will create more of the same but if you just get it done then it will be finished, you’ll have accomplished what you have been putting off, and you will create a move forward positive kind of vibration that will bring more of the same vibration to your life.

Get up and get it done my friend. You’ll feel lighter and oh so good!

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Change can be challenging. We just get used to one way and then up pops a change in life. It feels as if things get turned upside down and you do all you can to hold on. Then life settles down for a while only to come into another flux of change. So what can you do about change and the way it makes you feel?

You see, life is all about change. Every single day is different than the day before. Sure, you may be at the same job and doing the same kind of routine but all the little things change through out your day. One day you may eat a banana for breakfast at 7 am sharp and then another day you may eat a banana at 8 am. That may be a change you might not notice too much but the point is nothing ever stays the same.

So then why not embrace change and be completely okay with all that is changing?  Why not just let go of the need to hold on and control to keep things from changing when it is going to change no matter what? Why not create a balance within and go with the flow of change thereby creating a steady non resistance kind of feeling and thought?

Life is going to change but you have  a choice how to take on that change. And your thoughts, feelings, and reactions are what will create the direction your changes in life will go. Negative thought equals negative experiences. Positive thought equals positive experiences.

What will you choose?

planting a flower

I find it amazing how we all see beauty in different ways. One may think roses are the most beautiful while another would say an orchid. The same goes for beauty and people. Some will be over the moon about one person while someone else will think that another is the most beautiful.  Truly beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

When it comes to the everyday world and the media we have to remember that what is beauty to one doesn’t mean it is beauty to another. And then sometimes the beauty isn’t even real (like in magazines that have been retouched).

Why is it that we feel the need to point out what we think is beautiful when it comes to the physical with others?  And is it really necessary to compare what is beautiful and what isn’t beautiful and create an audience for or against one person based on what they think is beautiful? It is just their opinion and then others jump on board and then another and then another and that is when a consensus is made saying, ‘THIS is what beauty is.’  It is just a bunch of people declaring what they think about beauty but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true.

So the next time you look at beauty truly look from the eyes within that create a perception from the heart and the inner self. The physical body is a magnificent tool for us to experience this world through and each is just as beautiful as the next because of all that it can do for us. Remember that true beauty comes from within. How you act, speak, and interact with others. Kindness, compassion, and love are the true beauties in this world, don’t you think?

beth mccain 783

We can sometimes get in such a helper mood that we can actually be enabling another to depend on us to fix their life. If we continually come to another when they are asking for help then they begin to not even try to work out a problem on their own. They know that we’ll come running to fix it all.

It’s important to let others be able to rise above their challenges and move forward without our help at times. If we have helped with the same kind of challenge for someone over and over again, then they aren’t learning how to create a solution for their life without you and that makes them dependent on you.

You see, there is a fine line between helping and helping so much that you are taking their own inner growth and lessons away from them to solve and take to a higher level of vibration for their life. This makes them dependent but if you steer them in a direction and then let them fly then they will be doing so on their own but with your help in small doses.

Really think through who you are helping and ask yourself if you are enabling them or helping them.  There is a difference my friend. Be a friend and give them a chance to do their own inner growing and moving forward.

mini vacation

When you are in a state of appreciation, there is nothing that can feel resistant. When you make a conscious choice to appreciate each and every moment then you are making a choice to have a better more positive life.

Use all your senses when being in a state of appreciation. Feel the breeze and appreciate it, see the beauty of nature and appreciate it, touch the fur of a pet and appreciate it, hear the music of sings to your soul and appreciate it, taste a wonderful meal and appreciate it, and truly take in from each sense that you have appreciation.

Look through the eyes of appreciation today. Seek it out in everything that you see and do. Make it your goal to appreciate.

You will find that being in a state of appreciation is truly positive and can change your perception of life and that will ultimately change your life experience…

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Do you have a hard time saying no? No is just a word. And when someone asks you to do something you truly can say no. You don’t have to say yes out of guilt or fear that they won’t like you if you say no.

You see, if that person is truly someone who cares about you then they will be fine with whatever you choose. They don’t have to like it but they can accept that it is your choice. If someone is disappointed in you or upset because you didn’t do it their way and they create a big drama about it, then just know that it is still okay to say no and that it is now their problem if they can handled your answer.

No doesn’t mean you are being selfish or rude unless you say it in that way. You can say no and still be loving and compassionate. It is just a word unless you decide to make much more out of it.

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Yes, life is always changing. We come to this physical world and some expect everything to be perfect and if it isn’t perfect  that means they can’t be happy. And then there are those that feel happy until they learn of something bad that is happening or happened.  They feel like they have to cave in the the negative and resistant feeling and thought of it all. They think that they have to be upset and worried and continue focusing on that thought over and over again.

Guess what? You don’t have to be. You see, even in those challenging moments, they are a part of the life experience.  We can still stay positive through it all and let go of the resistant feeling that may be attached to the challenging experience. We can do all we can to fix it or ride it out but we can do it with a less resistant kind of thought and feeling. We can relax into the experience, accept it is there, do what is necessary but then create appreciation, calm, and balance from within all the while it is happening. This will help you to get beyond the experience.

If someone has told you bad news then it is up to you how you handle it. You can handle it like most and be upset, worried, cry, and fearful knowing that it is the worse news ever OR you can handle it with a steady balanced positive vibration from within. By staying in a positive state of mind and creating balance and calm then you will gain clarity and be able to handle what you have to from within where that true connection to the Universe is with all the answers.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t ever vent or have a good cry, it just means to let the vent or tears flow but then let go of the resistance and move on to a better feeling and thought that things will get better and it is just an event in your life. It doesn’t have to take over and become your focus. The focus can be on the solve or the acceptance of what happened with a positive strong clear mind and heart.

You can let go and trust that this experience will guide you to a different better place and it is up to you which direction you take it through your own thoughts and feelings.

her story 3

You may have heard this before but it bears repeating…

You have this moment and that is it. Yesterday is gone and the future has yet to be seen.  You can live in the past or worry about the future but no matter which way you choose you are now wasting this moment to think about what is no longer there or what has yet to come.

The past is to observe and learn from. You don’t have to get all wrapped up in the emotions of the past but you can observe what you feel you have learned from the past and then use that knowledge for your current life.

The future is always in a state of change according to your own current vibration. You can think of the future and feel how wonderful it will be while creating a image of what you want but to stay there and continually focus on what will be is only creating a future that will stay in the future.

Create some ‘now’ vibrations of joy, letting go of resistant feeling vibration, and appreciation. If you envision the future then see and feel it in this moment instead of way out in the future. If you worry about your future then learn to let go of the resistant vibrations and then trust that all is unfolding as it should for you. And you can be sure of that just by creating a positive appreciative vibration ‘in the now.’

Not only do you have this moment, you have this moment to create some amazing positive vibrations that will become your future. Every single moment of this day you have a choice of what direction you are headed.

Complain about your day and keep replaying it in your mind will only bring you more to complain about. Worrying about your future and focusing on the worry will create more for you to worry about.

OR take each moment and create a positive thought and feeling for that moment. Focus on what is good and positive in your life and create a vibration of more in your life to feel good about.

It is your choice and always has been. What will you choose today?

beth mccain 4453

Has someone broke a promise? Whether it is a small promise like taking out the trash or something much bigger; it can be frustrating and upsetting when someone doesn’t hold their end of the deal.

Did you know that there is something you can do about those feelings and thoughts you may be having? You can let them go. Yes, that is what I said. You can let go of the frustration when another breaks a promise. Maybe they made the promise with complete confidence that they would be able to follow through and then it didn’t work out or maybe they just wanted you to feel good so they promised the moon not realizing that it would upset you. Or maybe they just forgot. No matter what the reason you can let go of the resistant vibration you may be thinking and feeling.

Ask yourself if something hasn’t turned out exactly as planned when it came to your life experience. If you say yes then you can see that things can change and happen differently. We can learn from a broken promise and talk it through with another but we can also keep in mind that people do make mistakes with good intention. You can forgive, move on, and keep it in mind and heart for the next time. If it happens again then you can deal with it in the best way that you know how but still let go of the resistant vibrations without sending out ‘daggers’ to another through resistance. No matter what they did, whether intentional or not intentional; they are who they are. They may learn from it or they may continue the behavior. Just know that it is their issue and that you can not take it personally and let go. Send them strong focused positive vibrations and then let go.

How about it? How about today we give everyone, including ourselves, a break and forgive, love, and accept who they are with their weaknesses and their strengths. If they do it again then you can learn from it and see what you can do to move away and forward from their ways but you truly don’t have to hold onto the resistance my friend.

beth mccain 33431

No matter what kind of moment you are having right now…you have a choice. It doesn’t matter if things aren’t going right, it doesn’t matter if you just got yelled at, it doesn’t matter if everyone feels like they are against you, it doesn’t matter if you just got caught in a rainstorm. You have a choice where your thought and feelings direct your next moment.

Life has moments that feel resistant at times but you don’t have to stay in a state of resistance. You can create a better positive thought in some way. You can create a thought of appreciation for anything or anyone that is around you instead of dwelling on the resistant thought. You can let go of the resistance and agitation and choose to create a positive focus toward what you truly want for your life.

Those moments where you choose to find that positive will create a better more positive life and create less resistance.

It is your choice no matter what…

beth mccain 9989

Things are not always as we seem to think they are. Every day we make assumptions and opinions based on what we think we know about another or about an experience that is outside of our life but unless you have walked in someone’s shoes and seen through their eyes and felt through their heart;  you truly can’t make any assumptions or opinions about another.

You see, there are many layers to what others say, think, and do; just like there are many layers to what you may say, think, and do. One can have a negative view of an experience while the other person has a positive view in the same experience. One may make assumptions about how right they are yet not even know how right or wrong they are when it comes to life.

How about today we drop all assumptions and opinions and just look at people and who they are from that deep connection within where only love and compassion reside?

There isn’t any room of judgement from that place within.


No matter how you look at it, fear is a feeling of resistance and agitation. It creates a feeling within that just feels resistant, doesn’t it? And resistance is what gets in the way of what we want our life experience to be. Fear is the ego’s tool.

Fear is a resistant vibration that says we are not willing. And being unwilling is a direct vibration from the ego. We’re afraid of being wrong, of looking like a failure, of defeat, of looking stupid or sounding ridiculous.  That fear causes us to experience the most resistant kind of experiences because we are unwilling.

You see, this Universe doesn’t judge you on how many things you get done or an experience that felt like it went all wrong. The Universe loves and cares for us and only asks that we reach a higher vibration toward the pure connection of all of who we are. If we are fearful then we are stepping away from what we are truly trying to understand and learn.

What if we were willing to experience without fear? What if we didn’t use the ego’s tool to being unwilling an stubborn and just live life to the best of our ability with an open heart and an open mind?

That is how to reach a higher vibration my friend. Let go of fear and trust…

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