Everything in our lives are reflections of our conscious and unconscious choices. When we don’t choose and unconsciously live life then we are like a leaf in the wind and let life take us in any direction. But when we live life making conscious choices then we have chosen a direction for our life’s path.

It has and always will be up to you my friend. You have a choice in the direction of your life through focused thought, gratitude, appreciation, positive thought, and inner work.

You do have a choice.

agree to disagree and respect

Being in nature can heal the mind, body, and spirit. Just being out in the open air, looking at the flower garden, or sitting on a bench overlooking a lake can clear the mind and spirit. There is something about the beauty, the feel, the connection with the Universe that creates an open line of communication within to the Universe itself. Nature is the purest form of connection to the Universe to be found. There is ease, growth, and beauty as we observe nature. If you are unable to get out in nature then look at some beautiful photos of nature to create those feelings of connection.

Find some inner calm today through nature.

Secret Secret Garden

You are an amazing individual. You are like no one else in this Universe. That light that shines within you is unique. Each one of us has our own thoughts, things we’re passionate about, and beliefs. When you’re able to accept who you are and all your uniqueness; you become comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to impress anyone. By shining your true light you will live effortlessly since you don’t have to try to be something that you’re not.

And the more you discover who you truly are; the more unique and wonderful you become. You can be positive and creative shining your true self within. You can discover new things about who you are when you see the world through your true self eyes. You become more inspired by experiences and others; creating quite the strong positive vibration in your life. And that strong positive vibration goes out into the Universe. The Universe answers your vibration with a like experience to show you it heard what you were sending out. It will send to you exactly what you sent out in some way, shape, or form.

Discover something new about who you are today. Maybe an idea or a higher thought will come to mind, body, and spirit. Create and expand to higher vibrations that come from the genuine self within.

planting a flower

Take a moment to mentally pat yourself on the back. Look at the accomplishments that you have finished whether they are big or they are small. Do something nice for yourself for a change. Simple pleasures in life can create positive feeling vibrations in life.  You know; planting a garden, reading, listening to music, taking a stroll, and watching a movie are just a few of the simple pleasures in life. Those simple pleasures nurture the spirit my friend. They are wonderful mini experiences of positive vibrations.

The simple pleasures can create even more joy as you live in the moment of what you are absorbed in. Simple pleasures nurture all of who you are.


How about recognizing and acknowledging the people in your life that you love and/or care for? Give compliments and thank yous as you go about your day. Don’t hold back with your kind words and hugs. Do your best not to expect anything in return; just give unconditional love and send appreciation to all who have touched your life in a positive way.

The most amazing expression of love and appreciation is through kindness my friend.


When you’re fed up with the world that you live in then how about creating a world that you love to live in?

Each of us have responsibilities throughout our day but how about stepping outside of the thought of your normal routine of responsibilities and create some spontaneous acts of kindness?

Just for today do something nice for someone without expecting a thing in return. Create some kindness. Wouldn’t you like to have more kindness in your world?

Create kindness in the world today. Your kindness matters.


Sometimes it can feel as if life carries us away from the dreams we once had. Maybe we got discouraged or maybe we were tired of waiting. Maybe it felt as if there were too many obstacles in the way and you lost the inclination to fly.

There is a strength within you my friend. There is this empowered strong force that is forever connected to the Universe that you can count on. When you know and believe that anything is possible, and then let the connection to that strong force within take over, you will see that every experience, including the ones that seem to take you off path, are all apart of the experience of getting to where you want to be.

Find those wings and get back to flying my friend. Fly toward your dreams. You can do it…I know you can.

giving and receiving

Part of the reason we get overtired or have burnout is because we continually are pushing life to the extreme. Some put work in the first and foremost of their priorities and create an imbalance of the mind, body, and spirit. Some put exercise above any and everything and that can create imbalance as well. Spending more time in the spiritual world than actually physically living can also create an imbalance of sorts.

How about working toward balance of all through the mind, body, and spirit? Give the spirit as much time as the body and mind get when it comes to living. Create a balance of play, exercise, mental thoughts, and contemplation and meditation.  The more you balance all of who you are, the more balanced your life will feel and be.


Today, put your heart and mind into the smallest of your tasks. You know, the ordinary everyday chores that have to be done. Stay in the present moment of what you are doing and truly observe and create positive vibrations as you take out the trash, cut your fingernails, or any other small task that is taken for granted. There is so much to be grateful for in life from the trash man to those fingernail clippers you just used.

Instead of thinking of the task how about thinking of the positive of what that task does for your life?

step by step

Life has challenges and traumas. It is all a part of being human but we do have a choice in what we do with the challenges. The choice of your own reaction and thoughts are up to you.

You don’t have to be a victim. You can look at the challenge, deal with the feelings in it all, and then you can learn from the experience and use those lessons for future reference.

You can do something about it my friend. It is all in how you look at it.

Secret Secret Garden

Sometimes we can build walls around our personal space without even knowing it. Many will build those walls after being hurt by someone mentally or physically. They don’t let anyone into their personal space for fear that someone else may hurt them. Those that live in their protective walls begin to miss out on actual living. Instead of opening up and experiencing life, they close down and experience through their own personal space.

Take a look and see if you have built any walls that no longer serve you. Maybe a wall from way back when is still up and in place. Do all you can to bring down some of your personal walls so that you can experience life to the fullest. Know that things happen in life. Everyone gets hurt at one time or another but that is the perfect time to get back into living life and opening up instead of building walls. Pick yourself up and try it again and again. Living life to the fullest is worth the risk. Why let others who have hurt you keep you from living your life?

beth mccain 33432

You have the eyes to see a rainbow which means you have a heart to feel a rainbow. How about creating some rainbows in life today? Leave a note for someone that tells them how much you appreciate them, give a smile to a stranger, put an extra quarter in the parking meter, or buy the person behind you a cup of coffee. These are like leaving little rainbows here and there. They create delight and wonderment.

How about placing little rainbows everywhere you go today? Kindness without expecting anything in return is the best way to give rainbows. :)

beth mccain 9989

If you want life to change, it is important to focus on creating your present and future and not focus on what has happened in the past. When we focus on the past, we are reliving an experience through our thoughts and feelings over and over again. We can’t create change if we keep reliving what has already been lived.

Take a moment to ask yourself what you may have learned from the past. Take from the past, what you have learned, and then move on. It only exists in memory so why live it again and again?

Why not begin living in the present and planning your future and use those past lessons to help take it to a higher vibration of thought and manifestation? When you do this then the past has served you well.

Let go of the past and build your present and future with steady positive feeling vibrations and you will find that life will bring to you steady positive experiences.

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At some time or another; everyone needs encouragement and support. We have been conditioned to believe that accepting any kind of help, whether it is emotional or financial help, is a way of saying we are less than or that we are defeated. Shame doesn’t have to be a part of asking for help. When someone truly needs help it is a truth and strength that guides them to asking for help. Some would rather not eat than to ask for help because of stubbornness or pride.

If someone needs help, look at it from their point of view and offer help without expecting anything in return. Just ask them to one day pay it forward to someone else that may need help so we can keep the chain of helping each other going.

And if you need help then don’t be afraid to ask someone. Maybe it is their turn to help another after someone helped them.  You never know. ;)  Spread the kindness, compassion, and help today my friend.

agree to disagree and respect

How about having an unexpected kindness day each week? Take a friend some lunch, volunteer at a soup kitchen, help send out bills for someone who is elderly…think of things that are unexpected to another and do it out of the kindness of your heart. Do your best to get out of all your problems that are within your mind that day and just give unexpected kindness all day long.

Kindness and compassion is an amazing feeling vibration for the person who is extending the helping hand to the person who is on the receiving end. And kindness is like a boomerang; it will come back to you in some way, shape, or form.

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Be careful of that thought that tells you that you can’t manifest your dreams into reality. That voice can take over and create despair and sadness. Those kinds of thoughts can stop you right in your tracks and keep you in one place until you are ready to step beyond those thoughts.

Everyone has the ability to manifest their goals into reality. It begins with a thought, then another thought and another, then experiences begin to pop up to help you reach a higher vibration that will match the manifestation vibration you are looking for. You have to focus on all that you have in your life and how grateful you are for all that is there, and at the same time, focus on creating a positive feeling life without the feelings of resistance.

How about trading in despair and sadness for hope and trust in the Universe? Do your job by focusing on what you want in life and then let go and trust that the Universe will help you to make it happen.

time to release

You don’t have to suffer to grow beyond where you are. You don’t have to suffer in order to have spiritual experiences or growth. Many look at suffering as something that just has to be accepted and we play games within our minds and think that we have to suffer to inner grow. You don’t have to suffer to be a better person.

Sure, we do our best inner growing through what seems challenging in life because we stand up and take notice when things aren’t comfortable; but we can inner grow even positively and more if we realize that suffering doesn’t have to be a part of growth.

We’re spiritual beings having a physical experience which means the physical experience is going to be ever changing no matter how comfortable we may or may not feel.

So if you are going through an experience that feels like suffering then take heart and know that the uncomfortable feeling and thoughts you may be experiencing are only temporary. Life will change. Your suffering and struggling means you are recognizing that you’re not comfortable. You can then make the changes, mentally and physically, that are needed.  Those changes are what spur your vibration to reach a higher form.  It’s not the suffering that creates it but your own thought my friend.

Where are your thoughts today?

giving and receiving

Being kind and polite can mean many things. It can mean giving freely without any kind of inner motive. It can mean being sensitive to another and their thoughts. It can mean detaching from the thought to argue and taking a neutral take on the experience. Being gracious is what kind and polite is. It can mean being generous  and open minded with others who may not be generous and open minded.

By being gracious you can go from experience to experience with a feeling and thought of kindness. It will help you to give and to receive more freely without attachments of the end result, and it can help in others loving you, and even help in your own thoughts about yourself.

How about keeping being gracious in the first and foremost of your mind and heart today and reach out to help another who comes across your life path?


So many feel as if they have made mistakes in their lives. When you go about life with good intentions and feel as if it didn’t turn out as you wanted it to then it is a good time to do what you can to make amends to anyone that you may have unintentionally hurt but then move on from the moment. Glean what you can from the experience but take the inner lesson with you without the attachment to the thoughts of failure.

You know, no one is perfect yet we all are. We are all just doing our best, living the life experience, and inner growing along the way. Bring harmony to who may have been involved and then just move on.

be positive

Have you ever noticed that when you dwell on all that is positive and good in your life that you feel lighter and more positive?

And have you ever noticed when you are having a bad day that everything seems to go wrong instead of right?

It is all how you look at life my friend. Whatever mood you are in will create different views of life. And it can be easy as flipping a switch if you are in a bad mood to create a better feeling positive vibration.

How about it? Flip the switch when you’re feeling as if everything is going wrong. Find a good feeling thought or memory, take a walk in the fresh air, listen to a little music…whatever it is that will help you to feel more positive and get back into the swing of a focused positive vibration.

Your life reflects what you think and feel. Don’t you want a life full of joy and happiness? Focus on what you are grateful for and step by step you will come into a better feeling moment and life.

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