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You can’t possibly know what a smile, a gesture, or conversation may do for someone’s life. You may have been the link to them feeling better about life or maybe your smile told them that they truly aren’t invisible to others like they thought.

Everything you do and everyone you encounter you can make a difference just by being kind and compassionate.

Create a vibration of kindness and compassion today through all your actions and thoughts today…everyone matters my friend. We are all living our life experiences in the best way that we know how and sometimes a little extra kindness can be the key to helping another and even helping your own vibration within.  We are all in these together.

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Where do you put your focus in a day?

Do you just let experiences take you here and there with your thoughts and emotions? Do you expect things to go wrong or prepare for the worst? Do you create your day cautiously just in case something doesn’t go just right?  All these thoughts are resistant feeling vibrations, don’t you think? They all have a feeling that you have to somehow brace yourself for the next moment just in case someone hurts your feelings, just in case things go array and you have to have a backup plan, just in case…fill in the blank.

Then there is another place to put your focus. You could intentionally create your day and expect it to go well and if something comes up that doesn’t feel ‘well’ then let go of the resistant feeling vibration and trust that the experience is a part of taking you to where you truly want to be. You could consciously be aware of your vibrations and direct them in a way that creates positive feelings and thoughts. You could let go of others opinions about you or your life and step beyond their criticism and then continue on with your day. You could embrace each moment and relax into each experience keeping in mind and heart that you intend to create a steady positive vibration no matter what.

As you can see, one way feels resistant while the other way feels positive.  So what will you focus on today?


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Sometimes, without even realize it, others can push us to do something that we don’t want to do. They may manipulate or make you feel guilty for not doing something their way. Just know that you do have a choice in it all. You can do what they ask and you can feel resentment or let go of that resistant vibration once you finished what they ask of you. OR you can be conscious of the resistant feeling that you feel and let them know that it isn’t something you want to do and then let go of the need to please and let go of the attachment of the guilt you may feel.

This doesn’t mean that just because you don’t want to do something that it is okay to be stubborn as a mule. It is about that resistant vibration that is being created within you during an experience. If it is something that is nice and would make another happy and it is the right thing to do then do it even if you may not feel like it. That is the moment where you can recognize the resistant vibration that you are creating and let it go then…take out the trash. ;)

You see, you always have a choice. If someone tells you that they won’t like you if you don’t do what they say then it is the perfect time to ask yourself if that is the kind of person you want to be around; a person who tells you what to do, and forces their vibration of what they want into your life experience. If they don’t realize they are being pushy then you can let them know in a kind and compassionate manner that you feel pushed so that the next time they can learn from the way they ask others to do something. And if they don’t learn from the experience then you will have learned from the experience.

You always have a choice in how you create your day my friend…always.

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What will you do with today?

Will you get involved in the drama of what others are saying or doing or will you step beyond their vibration and take a higher positive thought instead?

Will you look at others and assume you know who they are or will you step beyond the need to compare and judge and take a higher positive thought instead?

Will you choose to succumb to the negative thoughts in a less than positive experience or will you choose to relax into the experience, accept it is there, let go of the negative vibration, and know that there is a higher positive vibration that is waiting for you even if you can’t fathom how it will turn out?

Will you stay in your own world and not look up at others or will you open up, smile, and create a positive vibration that others will be affected by as well?

Will you create a negative feeling life or a positive feeling life?

So what will you do with today?

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Have you ever thought about how many choices you have each day? Every single day you have a choice in how your day will unfold. You may not think you have a choice when you know what has to be done and that you are the one that has to do it but you have a choice how you perceive the day. And how you perceive the day is what will move you beyond where you currently are or keeping you running in place.

Every experience begins with a choice of how you perceive the experience. You can look at it, judge what you think is right or wrong, assume that you know the answer, and create a limited view of what you think is the experience. Or you can look at it, keep an open mind and heart, accept what it is, appreciate what there is in the experience, and relax ‘into’ the experience creating a positive non resistant vibration and view.

What will you choose today? Either way you are creating your present and your future.

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Do you blame others or experiences for the way your life is? Maybe you blame your job for not bringing in enough money or maybe you blame another for not being able to pursue your dreams. Maybe you think that life in general is to blame for the way your life is going. Maybe you blame another and their attitude for how you feel about life.

No matter who you feel is to blame; you have a choice. You can choose to take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others or your current conditions for all that is going wrong in your life. When you take responsibility for your thoughts and your feelings then you are free to let go of thinking that someone else or an experience has the ability to control your life.

It begins with a thought. It begins with letting go of the old way of thought and creating a new way of thought for your life that doesn’t include blaming others for how your life is. When you blame, you are creating a resistant feeling vibration and that is like putting up a roadblock against what you want in life. Let go and take hold of your own vibration creating a positive steady vibration.  This is the only way to get beyond blaming others…let go, forgive, and move on.

be positive

Have you consciously smiled today? In other words, have you made a point to smile and feel good and positive? Or are you waiting for experiences to come to you that will create happiness?

You have a choice. You can be conscious of creating feeling good vibrations and being positive. You can be conscious of when you are feeling negative and turning it around to feel more appreciative and better about the day.

So…are you consciously smiling at this very moment?  :)

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In that moment where all seems to be falling apart; let go and trust my friend.

You see, that moment is a chance for you to take a higher thought vibration instead of a resistant feeling vibration. It’s a moment to learn within from. It’s the moment where you can take that higher vibration and let go of the fear and worry, and trust that all is falling apart in order to bring something so much better together. This moment is needed to get you to where you want to be.

You can grab the moment and inner work through it or you can succumb to the moment and create more resistant feelings and thoughts.

Either way you are creating that next step.

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How is it possible to create positive vibrations?

One step at a time.

You see, all you have to do is be conscious of your thought and how you react to life.  If you want life to change then you must begin with your own perception of life. And this means that the things you normally focus on that upset you through out a day have to be ‘let go’ within and create a new positive vibration instead.

So how can you stop thinking about the things that upset you in the day? By looking at the experience with new eyes. Know that all is and will be well. Let go and trust that no matter what you see in life that it is temporary and that you have the power to take a higher positive vibration path. And by taking that higher positive vibration path you will be creating a steady positive vibration that will create more of the same.

Appreciate what is in your life and create a positive flow my friend.

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It’s never too late to follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter how old you might be or that you have tried a million times; it is never too late.

You see, it is about how you think and feel that creates a vibration of resistance against what you want. It has nothing to do with anything but that. Your age and your past only can stop you if you let them. As long as you have a mind to think and a heart to feel you can choose to create a better feeling and thought. You can focus on what you want and create a positive vibration and open doors.

The only thing that is stopping you…is you. How about choosing to follow your dreams and let the road unfold before you?


When you wake up in the morning and have a million things to do… what do you expect?

Do you expect that you are going to be rushing around, putting out fires, and that you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day?  Or do you expect that you have a busy day but that you can keep a balance within and go at your own pace keeping a strong focus on the positives of the day?

What you expect is what will become my friend. Change your thoughts and change your life.

No matter what you have to do today; ask yourself what do you expect and then change your thought in order to what you truly want to feel in the day.

Create your own day my friend.


If you are having one of those less than positive feelings days, you can start anew within your mind and heart and create a better feeling thought.

You see, we are given a moment by moment chance to start anew any time that we want. We choose to feel negative just like we choose to feel positive. We don’t have to let our outer physical experiences create the vibration. Sure, there are those moments where you want to blame everything and everyone else on your mood but truly…it is up to you where you take your thought, feelings, and reactions.

What will you choose today? Are you going to let that guy in traffic ruin your morning because he cut you off and then gave you a look? You have a choice. You say say within your mind, “He’s got his own vibration and I don’t have to be a part of it. I’m letting it go and moving on to a better feeling and thought” OR you can be upset all morning and think about how wronged you were.

Which feels better to you?  You have a choice…


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Many times someone can be so forceful in what they believe that their opinions feel like an attack. And many times they are creating such a negative vibration that it catches you off guard and your feelings get hurt.

Just remember that their opinion comes from their own perception of life. Their opinion is just a set of beliefs that they use in their life. The key word being ‘their.’  You see, we are all unique in how we think and believe. No two of us believe exactly the same way and do the same thing. It is part of the life experience to share and be who we are while respecting others and their own life experiences.

So the next time someone foists their opinion on you; take a moment to remember that it is their opinion, and no matter how forceful they may say what they believe, that it doesn’t have to be a part of your vibration unless you decide you want to let it in.

Whatever vibration you put focus toward is what will create your present and your future. Ask yourself if you truly want an opinion filled with negative thought to be a part of your life vibration. You do have a choice my friend.

You always have a choice my friend.

time to release

No matter what is happening in your life experience; you have this moment to create a better feeling vibration that will take you to a higher positive vibration. And that higher positive vibration will help you to let go of resistant feeling vibrations and give you a calmer more balanced feel to life.

And as you keep letting go of resistant vibrations, all the while living life and embracing each moment, you will be creating your present and your future experiences.

You have a choice in where you take your vibration my friend.

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So if what you think, feel, and say can actually create your future; can you imagine what being a little kinder than necessary could do on so many levels?

What if you kept in your mind and heart today to be kinder than necessary? What if you kept it first and foremost in your mind in each experience you had and every person you encountered? Can you imagine what your own future would hold? You would have experiences and people who would be kinder than necessary to you.

What a nice thought to be kinder than necessary each day. How about trying it to see how you feel by the end of the day?

Your thoughts, your feelings, and what you say does create your future so why not be conscious and create kindness and compassion today.  How about it?

Kinder than necessary my friend.

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Do you believe that what you want in life is possible?

Many times people say they believe in their dreams but their thoughts and actions show something completely different. They may say they believe anything is possible but then limit themselves through their everyday thoughts around every turn. Take a good look at what you say to yourself, say about others within your mind, and what you think and feel about everyday life. You may find that you may need to do a little housecleaning within to let go of some beliefs that don’t go with the thought that anything is possible.

Be conscious of your thoughts and how you perceive life. This is key to getting beyond the vibration you are currently at and take you to a higher vibration that matches exactly where your dreams are.

step by step

If you keep focused on what you want in life, then every step counts whether it is big or small. Every step brings you closer to where you want to be.  And when you take a step with a strong positive state of mind and heart, then you are contributing to the overall of where you want to be.

A step can be a mental step and/or a physical step forward. Changing your view on the experience to a better feeling vibration is considered a step as well.

Any step  is a step in a direction and you choose the direction my friend.

And if you feel as if you are taking three steps forward and four steps back, then just know that just because it feels as if you are taking a step backwards it isn’t necessarily so. You may be there so that you can look at the situation a little differently so that you can move forward.

Just take a step…

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So you are excited about something that you have envisioned in life. And you go about each day thinking about how much you can’t wait until it happens. And then it takes a little more time than expected. In fact, it seems as if it is taking the long way around because you haven’t seen even a part of it come into life. Then you begin to get impatient and wake up agitated because it should be here by now and when it doesn’t come then you get even more impatient.

That impatience is a resistant vibration my friend. Being impatient implies that you think it should come exactly when you want it and if it doesn’t then you throw a little inner fit because it should be here right now.

So what if I was to tell you that what will create it coming into your life is all the ordinary vibrations of your day. All that you focus on, talk about, feel, and react to. But not only that, you see a teeny tiny portion of what you want but the Universe sees the bigger picture and knows what experience and person to put on your path so that you open up to a higher vibration depending on your mindset and feelings.

You can’t get to a different place in life unless you change your perceptions from where you are. You have to do some changing in order to reach that vibration that matches what you envision.

It takes inner work but is worth it to have the life you envision, don’t you think? Let the Universe take the reins and you do your job by letting go of the old way and embracing a new way of thought. Create appreciation and joy in your days and that will create the present and future of what you desire.


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No matter what the answer…all is well.

No matter how your are feeling…all is well.

No matter if the experience didn’t happen just as you thought it would…all is well.

You see, when you keep a strong focus on what you truly want in life and you have an experience opposite of what you think would be the way to get there, that is the moment where you rev up your belief in what you envision and trust that this experience that is so different than you expected is actually the way to get you to where you want to be. Maybe you had to experience it to take you in a whole other direction that will take you to a  higher vibration. And that higher vibration is the match for what you envision and how you handle this experience you didn’t expect is just the thing to get you there. Maybe the answer wasn’t ready in the way that you wanted it but the Universe had a better way for you instead.

All is well my friend…all is well.

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You always have a choice…

Some believe that they are stuck where they are at a job they don’t like and life experiences that feel less than positive yet they continue to worry, complain, and feel bad creating more of the same.

You see, it begins with choice. It has, and always will be your choice in what direction your life goes. It begins with your thought and feelings. It begins with changing old ways of thought to new ways of thought. Let me give you an example: Someone could hate their work and complain the day away about how this coworker said that and this coworker strewed up the big presentation. They go home crying in their milk because they have to go back once again tomorrow.  This kind of experience creates vibrations and those vibrations go out into the Universe. The Universe picks up that vibration (because you have free will and the Universe loves and encourages you through giving back what you send out) and then creates more experiences and people to send back to you that vibration you have been sending out.

OR they could go to a job that they don’t like but appreciate what that jobs does for them. It gives them the means to have wonderful tasting food, gives them electricity, and gives them a place to live. They could see the coworkers that are helping out and step aside from the thought of comparison and what others are doing. They could appreciate being there because they know they have to be there anyway and why not just enjoy and appreciate? This vibration then goes out into the Universe and creates more of the same coming back to them in ways they never imagined but experiences and people full of appreciation and love.

And THAT creates a higher more positive vibration opening them up to attracting experiences that are even more abundant and enjoyable.

Yes, it takes inner work to let go of the old ways and create new ways but aren’t the new ways and their results really worth a life full of steady, positive, abundant vibrations?

You have always had the choice my friend. It’s all up to you.

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